Behavioral Health and Wellness
Mental Health and Addiction

New Directions Northwest Behavioral Health and Wellness is an out-patient program that serves the residents of Baker County, Oregon with a broad range of mental health, substance abuse and addictions, and prevention services. We contract with the State of Oregon through Baker County to provide mental health and developmental disabilities services for adults, children and families, and the elderly. Crisis intervention, group and marriage counseling, programs to reintroduce hospital patients back into their communities, and help for the transient and indigent are just a few of the services we provide. Our compassionate and professional staff provides expert care and counseling, and works with other service organizations in the county to help and protect the most vulnerable of our population.

A mental health crisis is a situation in which someone is at risk to themselves or others due to a mental illness. The mental health program provides a range of crisis intervention services which can be accessed by calling 541-523-3646 at any time.

Services offered below can be found in our program:

  • Information, referral, and screening for all mental health concerns
  • Immediate crisis assessment and intervention for mental health crises
  • Access and referral to available mental health and community resources
  • A comprehensive array of treatment services to adults and children covered by the Oregon Health Plan or CCO who have a mental illness and are in need of treatment
  • A range of services for individuals with serious mental illness who are without insurance and are at risk for state hospitalization or jail due to their mental illness
  • A range of services mental health and substance abuse services for individuals with insurance coverage or self-pay.
  • Immediate crisis assessment and brief crisis follow-up for all clients regardless of ability to pay
  • Individual crisis support, referral to inpatient care, access to brief crisis respite support, and regular crisis support groups
  • Discharge planning for return to the community from inpatient and residential treatment settings
  • Pre-commitment services for clients at risk and unable to care for themselves

Treatment Services for Adults and Children

Treatment services are developed in collaboration with the individual or family seeking care. The individual’s own voice is valued in determining what will best promote recovery. Wherever possible, treatment is provided that has been shown to be effective through clinical research. We strive to offer compassionate, respectful care that is sensitive to the cultural considerations of diverse individuals and acknowledges the pervasive impact of traumatic experiences on individuals and families.

  • Cognitive behavioral and psychotherapeutic interventions for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, and borderline personality disorders
  • Individual and group treatment options
  • Access to psychiatric assessment and medication management services in conjunction with psychotherapeutic strategies when needed
  • Services to help adults with serious mental illness to maximize independent functioning and recovery within the community, including medication management, Strength-Based Case Management, skills training, benefits management, and counseling
  • Support for adults with serious mental illness living in adult foster homes and transitional housing
  • Supported Employment, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), and EASA
  • Treatment services for children and adolescents with mental health disorders including cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety, depression, eating disorders and trauma, and various forms of parent-child and family interventions such as Parent Child Interaction Therapy and Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Intensive community-based treatment supports and wraparound services for families raising children with serious emotional and behavioral disorders to enable children to stay at home and in school
  • 24 hour Crisis intervention, crisis respite for adults at Baker House and children's crisis respite at Elkhorn Adolescent Treatment Center.
  • Children: Intensive Community Treatment and Support, Community Resource Teams provide multi-agency coordination and person-centered planning, individual and family therapy, full-time staff at Elkhorn Adolescent for co-occurring disorders*
  • Acute Care
    Community Housing and Residential Services:
    Adults: Supported housing* through the NE Authority
    Children: therapeutic foster homes
  • Recovery Supports at a Peer Drop-in Center* with illness management and recovery*, therapeutic support and skills training provided
  • Services to Special Populations in a Disaster response situation (case management for residents, counseling services to emergency responders, and others involved
  • Services to Jail inmates (on-site)

Addictions Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Services

Addictions to alcohol, drugs, and gambling have a harmful and costly impact to the lives of children, families and to the community as a whole. Recognizing this, Baker  County, in coordination with the Local Alcohol and Drug Planning Committee, strives to ensure that a continuum of addictions prevention and treatment opportunities are available. New Directions Northwest Behavioral Health and Wellness offers an array of addictions treatment services and to promote education and prevention programs in the community and in local schools.   We also offer programs that meet the

state requirements for DUI/MIP education and treatment, provides DVIP groups, relapse prevention groups, family counseling, parenting and anger management classes.

Other Programs

  • Short-term medically managed detox
  • Short-term sobering services
  • Comprehensive programs offering shorter and longer term treatment and counseling for substance abuse problems
  • Numerous Groups specific to Mental Health and Addiction Issues
  • Treatment for gamblers and family members of gamblers
  • Educational Groups on Addictions
  • Three Residential Treatment Programs for adults, youth, and parents with their kids
  • Community Outreach serves persons at risk for state hospitalization or jail due to mental illness and provides services to increase stability within the community through intensive case management and other supports.
  • Suicide Prevention provides training in suicide prevention and interventions for schools and community agencies.
  • Stop Bullying program that is offered individually or offer directly to all Baker County Schools.
  • We work closely with our Community Corrections program, Schools, Hospital, Primary Health Care Homes, and Law Enforcement.


Located in Baker City, Oregon - Established in 1997, Baker Transition House is located in a family sized home providing safe, alcohol and drug free housing for up to 4 women and their children. It is the intent of the Transition House to provide a bridge from treatment to the community for those who are in need of a safe recovery environment. This allows the women to complete their alcohol and drug treatment in an outpatient facility while they are also benefiting from wrap-around services that the local community offers.

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After hours Crisis number is 541-519-7126
5PM - 8AM Weekdays
24hrs Weekends

2200 4th St., Baker City, Oregon 541-523-3646




As required  by law for all programs in Oregon we are “Smoke Free”.

Please call for help at 541-523-3646.