Supported Employment

Self-Referral Form - PDF format

If you have questions, please tell your counselor that you are interested in learning more about the Supported Employment program or the Employment Specialist Lisa at 541-519-8618

If you are ready to join the program, please fill out the form and submit it to the front desk at 2200 4th St at New Directions Behavioral Health & Wellness, or call them at 541-523-3646 to schedule an intake.

Support Employment and Individual Placement - Full Brochure

Job-seeker Benefits

  • Assessment: Helping you to evaluate your interests, goals, and skills. Assessment is ongoing and helps you get what you need.
  • Job Match:  A broad effort in matching your abilities and interests, to a job that meets your needs. Our Employment Specialists walk you through the process.
  • Benefits Counseling: Giving you access to a professional benefits counselor to determine how much you can earn and still keep your benefits.
  • Job Development:  You are working at a competitive wage in the community. We pursue your employment choice with you.
  • Long-Term Support:  We do not limit how much time and support we will provide you and the employer. Your success is the only goal

Employer Benefits

  • Matching: potential employees are matched to your job description and organizational culture. The goal is to create a good match for everyone.
  • Reduce Risk:  participating employers receive ongoing coaching and support at no charge. The Employment Specialist does everything they can to create a successful placement.
  • Incentives:  we provide information about the financial incentives related to hiring our potential employees.
  • Choices:  our Employment Specialists provide your business with our data set of our potential employees.
  • Success:  employers from around the country are realizing success by hiring people who are recovering from a disability or addiction.