Alternative Incarceration Program

Powder River Correctional Facility

Powder River Correctional Facility (PRCF) is located in Baker City, Oregon. PRCF serves as a re-entry facility and an Alternative Incarceration Program (AIP) for the Oregon Department of Corrections that provides selected minimum security inmates with the opportunity to participate in residential alcohol and drug treatment, institution-based and/or community-based work programs, and transitional programming prior to their release. This is done within the parameters of the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC).  This program has received national recognition and is known for  it’s successful outcomes.Jail1

Powder River is a 286-bed adult male minimum-security facility and 128 of those inmates participate in the AIP substance abuse program. New Directions Northwest, Inc. has held a contract with PRCF since 1990 and provides treatment services to inmates participating in AIP treatment.

The program does a thorough assessment of incoming inmates which encompasses all facets of Risk, Need, and Responsively.

In order to reduce the likelihood that offenders will recidivate, those characteristics associated with recidivism (criminogenic needs) must be targeted. New Directions Northwest offers  treatment that targets criminogenic needs in the following domains: reduction in alcohol/drug use/abuse, criminal thinking, focus on harm done to victims, increase self-control, self-management, and problem solving skills.

The New Directions Northwest  AIP program averages approximately six months or the average length of treatment which takes on a Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Treatment.    Within the core programming, participants are consistently taught to observe and anticipate problem situations through modeling and demonstrations by NDN and ODOC staff, consistently practice alternative pro-social responses through the use of role-playing, and practice new pro-social behaviors in increasingly difficult role-playing scenarios while being given constructive feedback.

The program develops formal discharge plans on all offenders upon termination from the program.

The alternative incarceration program component of the program allows for a 90-day transitional leave period wherein the offender undergoes intense supervision in the community (varies by county) and are directed to enter and complete an aftercare program as a condition of release. Some of the larger counties in Oregon have aftercare programs specifically designed for New Directions Northwest (NDN) program participants. Many counties assign Parole Officers who specialize in NDN cases and refer participants to recommended aftercare programs on a regular basis. Some counties may at least have an offender evaluated for treatment upon release from NDN, and if recommended by the evaluator, will be directed to enter and complete aftercare.


As required  by law for all programs in Oregon we are “Smoke Free”.

Please call for help at 541-523-6680.