Working to prevent major human dysfunctions before they occur by:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy choicesJOd4DPGLThifgf38Lpgj_IMG
  • Fostering open communication and positive, respectful relationships
  • Providing prevention-related activities, education and trainings in Baker County’s schools and communities
  • Mental Health Promotion
  • Community Support

The prevention program at New Directions Northwest seeks to provide the community with the tools and resources to prevent substance use, misuse, and abuse.  It does this primarily by using the Strategic Prevention Framework model to assess community strengths and weaknesses, build community capacity, planning and implement an action plan that addresses pressing needs of the community (such as underage drinking or the rising abuse of marijuana by minors),  and evaluating programs and strategies that are in place.  It works closely with the Baker County Prevention Coalition to improve overall wellness of our county.

Additional programs and strategies in place include:

  • The Teen Health Fair - an annual event held at the Baker High School and is collaboration between the Baker High School Advance Health class and the prevention coalition.
  • National Night Out - a community event held on the first Tuesday of August in the park. It is designed to bridge the gap between the community and various agencies that are in place to increase wellness and care within the community.
  • Red Ribbon Week - a national event designed to raise awareness of children and parents of substance abuse and start the conversation early.
  • Rewards and Reminders - collaboration between the Juvenile Department and the Coalition designed to remind businesses to not sell tobacco to minors. Businesses that are compliant receive a ‘reward’ for a job well done. Those that aren’t are gently reminded that it is illegal to sell tobacco to minors.
  • Various ‘youth groups’ that meet at all levels of schooling designed to encourage young people to meet, make good choices, and encourage those around them to do the same. Various other activities, programs, and strategies that occur throughout the year that are designed to increase awareness and education of mental health and substance abuse.
  • Tobacco Cessation classes
  • Bullying and Suicide Prevention within the school systems

Our prevention coordinators research the latest in substance abuse and mental health sciences and attend any relevant trainings to stay current within their field.

As required  by law for all programs in Oregon we are “Smoke Free”.

Please call for help at 541-523-7400, ext 116.