Recovery Village

Recovery Village Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Parents  which they are allowed to bring a child between the ages of 0-6 years old.  Our facility has the capacity to provide treatment services forrecovery 15 parents and 15 children at any given time.  Most rooms are private with accommodations for the parent and the child.  The open living area includes a large family room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, numerous bath rooms.  The treatment occurs in the group rooms, at times family room, and day care.  The outside grounds are fenced in to provide privacy and safety for children.  There is a stand-alone building where “Curves” equipment is available to the clients for daily exercise.   The facility was built in January 2010 and is nicely decorated, warm and nurturing environment.  The RV administration offices are located at one end of the building allowing onsite professional staff to be near the living area, daycare, and treatment rooms.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist and empower individuals, on their journey of sobriety by providing a safe and supportive environment that treats all people with respect and dignity. Our goal is to change lives one at a time through modeling, educating and supporting individuals on their road to recovery.

Recovery Village Philosophy

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease that is progressive that affects all areas of a person’s life and often co-occurs with problems like depression, anxiety and trauma.  It can affect anyone, particularly children.  Recovery Village provides a special approach and is sensitive to the unique needs of individuals recovering from alcohol and drug dependency with their children.  Recovery Village stresses the changes in thinking and behavior that come from acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s own recovery.  Areas worked on include learning more about alcoholism and addiction, identifying how drinking and using has affected all aspects of life, finding ways to repair some of the damage, discovering ways to remain clean and sober to stop the cycle of addiction, and minimize the future effects it will have on children.

Services Offered

Recovery Village has 4 CADC’s providing drug and alcohol groups daily from 9-4:00 each day. Residents will meet with their drug and alcohol counselor a minimum of once a week. Groups offered at Recovery Village include Relapse Prevention, Setting Boundaries, Thinking Barriers, Drug and Alcohol Education, Women in Recovery, Wellness,  Co-Dependency, Trauma, Parenting, Co-Occurring,  and Seeking Safety.
Mental health services are also provided on site with ability to offer psychiatric assessment and medication management, individual and family therapy as needed . Mental health groups offered include DBT, Seeking Safety, and Trauma groups.

Recovery Village offers on-site day care during the treatment day from 8:30 – 4:00 PM. Parents will help in day care as an opportunity for skill building on a rotating basis. Children are referred to Early Intervention, WIC, Health Department in home nurse is available for health assessment and referrals. We also partner with Head Start and the Baker 5J school district for school aged children.

Religious Services

We recognize the benefit of our adolescents in believing in a higher power as a part of successful recovery. Whenever a client has a desire to attend a church service within the community we make every effort to assist them with arrangements.


Recovery Village is known for providing activities that incorporate learning about life.  The program provides additional opportunities to learn about parenting skills, developmental milestones of their children, and how to maintain a safe loving environment in which the child can grow and develop.  This program works hard with each individual to find the inner strength and motivation to make changes for a better life with goals, hopes, and dreams.  Parents are encouraged to go to our local YMCA where they focus on health and wellness and positive activity for leisure time.  The women also provide service projects to the community to learn how to give back and to be a part of community living.   We go shopping, take long walks, go to the park, and other community activities.  Many of our  activities are built around practicing social skills, budgeting, and effective communication.


When I first thought about coming to Recovery Village I freaked out that it was for 6 months. After getting here and being here 5 ½ months I can say that it was definitely better.  It wasn’t until after about 3 months  here that I really began to reach all the deep hurts I had been dealing within the past.  I have definitely benefited from all the 1 on 1 time that the counselors give me as well as the quality bonding time I have had with my child.  I felt that due to all the skills and tools for life and parenting I have received here I will be able to go on to use those tools for a more fulfilling life.  I really appreciate the way the program gave me choices not demands and I had to make the decision to heal.

Shawn B.

“The 1st time I came here it was “ordered” and I only lasted a week. Three weeks later I “choose” to come back and this time I was open to the opportunities that are provided here to feel safe and to make lifelong choices. Having the counselors available for guidance and the chance to have that 1 on 1 time with my child was truly a game changer.  I came to realize that the rules are not here to make our lives difficult but to make them better.  I really appreciated the staff making going to church, YMCA, evening walks easy to ask for and be trusted to go to. This place gives you the homemaking, child care and life making skills to keep you going upon completion of the program.”


Please call for help at 541-523-4049.  For Referrals or Intake, please call 541-523-9016.