Addiction Services

Addiction Services

New Directions Northwest offers an array of addiction-treatment services, and promotes education and prevention programs in the community and local schools.   We also offer programs that meet the state requirements for DUI/MIP education and treatment, provides domestic violence groups, relapse prevention groups, family counseling, parenting and anger management classes.  We recognize that addictions to alcohol, drugs, and gambling have a harmful and costly impact to the lives of children, families and to the community as a whole, and strive to ensure that a continuum of addiction-prevention and treatment opportunities are available, in coordination with the Local Alcohol and Drug Planning Committee in Baker County, Oregon.

What We Treat/Offer

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Clinically Managed Withdrawal

Persons in withdrawal from addictive substances often feel anxious or scared, and experience physical and mental discomfort. Clinical management during withdrawal offers a quiet and supportive environment to help reduce discomfort as clients transition away from their substance of dependence.  New Directions Northwest offers 3.2-WM Clinically Managed Residential Withdrawal Management and level 3.1 and 3.3 Co-Occurring Enhanced, Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs.

Visit our Baker House - Men or Baker House - Women pages, or call (541) 523-9016 for more information.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Because we know that overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction can be extremely challenging, we take an integrated approach to helping those with substance addiction. Not only do we help clients deal with the physical symptoms of withdrawal, we also seek to give them the tools they need to avoid relapse, by addressing any underlying mental health issues.

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Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is characterized by an inability to suppress the desire to gamble, even though gambling results in detrimental effects on a person's social, financial and psychological health.  Through counseling, medication, and support groups we aim to help those suffering a gambling addiction to gain control and resist the impulse to gamble.

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Residental Treatment

Some persons respond well to outpatient substance abuse treatment.  Others need more focused care away from outside influences and access to harmful substances.  We offer residential treatment and psychiatric services for substance abuse disorders, with separate facilities for both men and women.

Visit our Baker House - Men or Baker House - Women pages, or call (541) 523-9016 for more information.

Parent/Child Residential Treatment

When a parent needs extended treatment for substance addiction, finding accommodations for a young child can be challenging.  For this cause we offer treatment at "Recovery Village," a 24-bed facility where a recovering parent can bring a child as treatment is offered.  Accommodations are safe, comfortable, and conducive to the recovery process.

Visit our Recovery Village page or call (541) 523-9016 for more information.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing provides a bridge from treatment to the community for those in need of a safe recovery environment.  Our family-size home in Baker City offers a safe, alcohol- and drug-free home for up to four women and their children.  We also offer a sober living home for up to three men.

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