Client Testimonials

Winter M.

For: Baker House - Women

"I have struggled in the past, but coming here has showed me a lot of myself both inside and out that I believe will help me upon completing the program. When people told me that Baker House was the best I can say they were definitely right. This place was worth coming to."

Shawn B.

For:  Recovery Village

"When I first thought about coming to Recovery Village I freaked out that it was for 6 months. After getting here and being here 5 ½ months I can say that it was definitely better. It wasn’t until after about 3 months here that I really began to reach all the deep hurts I had been dealing within the past. I have definitely benefited from all the 1 on 1 time that the counselors give me as well as the quality bonding time I have had with my child. I felt that due to all the skills and tools for life and parenting I have received here I will be able to go on to use those tools for a more fulfilling life. I really appreciate the way the program gave me choices not demands and I had to make the decision to heal."

James C.

For: Baker House - Men

"I asked specially to go to Baker House and upon coming here I appreciate the staff and the group discussions. I have gotten such strength from the counselors. I really appreciate the way the program prepares us for routine living and gives us the tools to leave the past in the past and the hope to be able to continue dealing with our day to day issues. This has truly been a Positive Experience for me."

Ryan W.

For: Elkhorn Adolescent Treatment Center

“My time at EATC has taught me how to become happy and to do well. Life lessons were learned every day.”

Bill S.

For: Elkhorn Adolescent Treatment Center

“EATC has saved my child’s life! Thank you to the best staff and for helping our family”

Ashley M.

For: Elkhorn Adolescent Treatment Center

“It makes my heart happy to know I’m staying clean and going places… Elkhorn changed my life!”


For: Recovery Village

“The 1st time I came here it was “ordered” and I only lasted a week. Three weeks later I “choose” to come back and this time I was open to the opportunities that are provided here to feel safe and to make lifelong choices. Having the counselors available for guidance and the chance to have that 1 on 1 time with my child was truly a game changer. I came to realize that the rules are not here to make our lives difficult but to make them better. I really appreciated the staff making going to church, YMCA, evening walks easy to ask for and be trusted to go to. This place gives you the homemaking, child care and life making skills to keep you going upon completion of the program.”

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