Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

We offer a broad range of mental health services with compassion and professionalism, with the goal of protecting the most vulnerable of our population.  Our staff provides expert care, counseling, and works with other service organizations in the local area to help meet the needs of families and individuals struggling with, or affected by, mental illness.

What We Treat

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Angry Man

Anger is a normal emotion when expressed in a healthy, appropriate way.  Persons who struggle to control themselves when angry or who injure others in outbursts of anger can benefit from anger management training.  Anger management about learning to recognize when you're becoming angry, and about responding to feelings of anger in ways that are not destructive.


Thoughful Woman

Life produces stresses of various kinds for each of us to manage.  Feeling anxious from time to time when dealing with stress is normal.  When a person is anxious or worried continuously and cannot seem to control those feelings, these are symptoms of anxiety disorder.  Treatment can help sufferers of anxiety disorder regain control of their feelings and better manage day-to-day or ongoing stress.


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Depression is a disorder that affects how a person feels, and can cause persistent feelings of sadness or despair.  Persons suffering from depression may find it difficult to do simple day-to-day tasks, may lose interest in activities and sociality, and may even experience feelings that life isn't worth living.  Treatment for depression can significantly improve a sufferer's outlook and quality of life.


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Psychosis is a symptom of an underlying mental health illness in which a person's brain processes information incorrectly.  A person experiencing psychosis will see, hear or believe things that aren't real, making it difficult to interact and function normally.  Treatment can help sufferers of psychosis recognize, manage or eliminate symptoms for improved quality of life.


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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing or witnessing a highly traumatic or distressing event.  Symptoms experienced by someone affected by PTSD may include anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, or recurring thoughts about the event.  PTSD can make it challenging for sufferers to adjust to life, post-event.  Treatment for PTSD can help sufferers cope with the event and manage symptoms.

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