Recovery Village Center

Recovery Village Center


Here, in beautiful Baker City, Oregon, we at Recovery Village Center understand that there are times when life becomes very hard to cope with.

For those experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis, Recovery Village Center offers a safe alternative to an inpatient hospital.  The voluntary program is designed to stabilize the current crisis, identify goals and develop a community support plan that will promote ongoing recovery after discharge.

Recovery Village Center also understands that addiction to alcohol and drugs are diseases that affect all aspects of your life.

Recovery Village Center aims to break the cycle of addition by providing an inpatient medical detox that eases the discomforts and cravings of withdrawal symptoms. .

In this, the first step toward recovery, you’ll be in a medically supervised environment with a highly trained staff that is focused on you.  In addition to being medically and safely detoxed, you will be attending individual and group therapy as you prepare for the next step in your recovery.





Program Director

Carolyn Kerbs
Carolyn Kerbs, RN, MSN
Program Director, Recovery Village Center


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