Our Programs

Outpatient Programs

A suite of mental health and addiction services geared toward helping individuals live a happy, fulfilling life. Compassionate, professional staff provide expert care and counseling to the most vulnerable of our population.

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Residential Programs

Our residential treatment centers offer a broad range of mental-health, substance-abuse/addiction, and prevention services for men, women, and a parent with child.  Treatment periods vary with client needs.

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Substance Abuse Prevention

An ongoing, collaborative effort within the local community, providing tools and resources to prevent substance misuse. Through assessment, planning, capacity building and plan implementation, we help the community address contemporary substance abuse issues, with a view to improve the overall wellness of our county.

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Alternative Incarceration Program

Our Alternative Incarceration Program, offered under and within the parameters of the Oregon Department of Corrections, provides minimum-security inmates with the opportunity to participate in residential alcohol and drug treatment, institution-based work programs, community-based work programs, and transitional programming.

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