Wraparound 101:

Wraparound is a collaborative, team-based, principles driven, planning process. Through the wraparound process, teams create one individualized plan of care to meet the needs, and improve the lives, of multi-system involved youth and their families.

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Documentary: The Shift

Referral Process

Youth must meet criteria for Wraparound, which has been created by Baker County Project Review Committee (PRC). Each referral goes before PRC monthly for acceptance into Wraparound. PRC Date: 2nd Wednesday of each month

  • Youth must be connected to New Directions Behavioral Health & Wellness or Total Health with an assessment and treatment plan, prior to referral going before PRC.
  • Referrals can be emailed to websitesubmissions@ndninc.org or faxed to 541-523-4927.

Once accepted into Wraparound:
Wraparound Care Coordinator (WCC) works with youth/family to identify goals and needs they would like to work on to improve their quality of life. WCC helps youth/family to identify team members to invite and participate in the Wraparound process with them, and coordinate Wraparound Team meetings every 30-45 days.

Wraparound Criteria

All Referrals to Wraparound must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in EOCCO (Medicaid eligible-OHP primary)
  • Multi-system involvement ( MH, DHS, JJ,DD, Medical, IEP/504 or out of mainstream placement)
  • Youth is under 18 years of age
  • Care coordination needs cannot be met by other systems
  • Family/guardian interested & willing to engage in process

Additional Prioritized Criteria (must meet 2):

  • Elevating risk of harm to self or others including sexualized behaviors, fire setting
  • Youth is displaying emotional and behavioral issues and there are social concerns
  • Significant risk of losing current placement and/or multiple moves within the system
  • School disruption due to suspension and/or expulsion
  • Permanency status in question (disrupting adoption, pre-finalized adoptions, new relative placements, etc.)
  • Proactive planning for youth who will be transitioning to reside in Baker County

Referral Forms

Completed PDF and Word forms may be faxed to (541) 523-4927.

For more information Download our Wraparound brochure.

For more information, call us at (541) 523-7400.