Supported Employment

Supported Employment

New Directions Northwest uses a proven model known as Individual Placement and Support, or IPS.  The IPS system has been well researched and is highly successful in the USA and other countries.  IPS helps people find and keep a job.  Long term success is the goal.

Supported Employment is focused on helping people who are recovering from a condition to find competitive employment.  Even after a job placement is completed, the employee and the employer are provided with support for as long as it is needed.  Please call (541) 523-7400 for more information.

Job-seeker Benefits

Assessment: Helping you to evaluate your interests, goals, and skills. Assessment is ongoing and helps you get what you need.

Job Match: A broad effort in matching your abilities and interests, to a job that meets your needs. Our Employment Specialists walk you through the process.

Benefits Counseling: Giving you access to a professional benefits counselor to determine how much you can earn and still keep your benefits.

Job Development: You are working at a competitive wage in the community. We pursue your employment choice with you.

Long-Term Support: We do not limit how much time and support we will provide you and the employer. Your success is the only goal

Employer Benefits

Matching: potential employees are matched to your job description and organizational culture. The goal is to create a good match for everyone.

Reduce Risk: participating employers receive ongoing coaching and support at no charge. The Employment Specialist does everything they can to create a successful placement.

Incentives: we provide information about the financial incentives related to hiring our potential employees.

Choices: our Employment Specialists provide your business with our data set of our potential employees.

Success: employers from around the country are realizing success by hiring people who are recovering from a disability or addiction.

Suppored Employment Making a Difference - Ann's Story

Nov 2019

"Supported Employment has helped me grow in so many ways…”

We would like to introduce Ann, who has been clean and sober since 06/04/2018! She is a mother of 5, she is beautiful, smart, and an inspiration to many. Ann was facing drug charges, jail, probation, loss of her family and homelessness.

Now Ann now has a place of her own, has her family, a job and a source of income that she truly enjoys. Ann has come full circle. It hasn't always been easy, but with support from her New Directions Northwest Employment Specialist, her counselors, and family and friends, Ann has obtained and maintained a permanent position at the Sunridge Restaurant and Lounge.

Ann started out as a prep-cook, and has since worked as a lead cook. In addition she has filled in as the assistant to the manager, obtained her OLCC servers license and has added waitressing and bartending to her many accomplishments.

Ann has a goal of someday opening up her own catering business and we believe this lady can and will do anything she sets her mind to.

And, Ann’s supervisor Steve, says “When I hire people I try not to judge a book by its cover. I give people a chance, otherwise a lot of good people would not get jobs if we did not take chances on them.”

Congratulations, Ann!


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