What to Bring to Treatment

Recommendation to bring to treatment: Phone Card, Postage Stamps, Funds for purchasing Hygiene Supplies, Minimal Cash (not more than $25.00 at any one time, for items you may want to purchase when going to the store, anything personal that you require for medical purposes including prescribed medication.

Clothing Items:

2 pairs of tennis shoes and 1 pair hiking boots or shoes, 1 pair of slippers and 1 pair of sandals/flip flops (a must for showering), 7 shirts, 3 sweatshirts, 7 pants, 3 shorts at modest length, 1 belt, 7 pairs socks, 7 pairs of underwear and 2 bras (if female) 7 undershirts, 1 swimming suit (full piece) or swim trunks – Required, 2 Pajamas, 1 Jacket or Coat, gloves scarf, and hat (seasonal-weather)

Personal Hygiene Items:

Shampoo, Conditioner, hair gel or pump Hair Spray (only), Comb & Hair Brush, Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste (inly Alcohol Free Mouth Wash, Deodorant, Body Soap, Lotion or Baby Oil, Q-tips, Chapstick, Shaving Cream (Lotion or Gel type preferred. Those in aerosol can will be dispensed by staff), Shaver, Tweezers/clippers/emery board, cosmetics (minimal if desired and no glass containers).

Current Medical Prescriptions:

Please bring with you to medical treatments as 30 day supply of your current prescriptions to ensure that there will be not run out of your prescription while in treatment.


Blanket, sheets, pillow for twin size (agency provides unless you want to bring your own but must be clean and free from the smell of Tobacco).

*Do not bring: Drugs: Alcohol, Tobacco, Immodest clothing, Clothing that promotes Gangs, Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco, Expensive Jewelry, body jewelry, watches, rings, ear rings Face Scrubs, Exfoliates or Astringents (EATC only) Perfumes or Colognes, cell phones, cameras, videos, excess cash, computers, I-Pads, electronics of any kind.

*Items may be kept in a client basket locked up. The client will check in and out some supplies (razors, etc.). All belongings are search and logged in the individuals file. If an individual has more than what is listed the extra items may need to be sent home (space is limited). Any item not approved for use will be placed in lock up.