New Directions Behavioral Health and Wellness

Out Patient Services

New Directions Behavioral Health and Wellness is an out-patient program that serves the residents of Baker County, Oregon with a broad range of mental health, substance frozen-grassabuse and addictions, and prevention services. We contract with the State of Oregon through Baker County to provide mental health and developmental disabilities services for adults, children and families, and the elderly. We provide crisis intervention, group and marriage counseling, programs to reintroduce hospital patients back into their communities, and help for the transient and indigent are just a few of the services we provide. Our compassionate and professional staff provides expert care and counseling, and works with other service organizations in the county to help and protect the most vulnerable of our population.

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Developmental Disabilities
Mental Health and Addiction
Prevention Services
Total Health
Supported Employment

How To Access Behavioral Health Services
Getting started at New Directions is a friendly and simple process. At the Total Health Clinic we have Walk-in Intake and Assessments on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings. We also have scheduled Intake appointments on Monday afternoons for those deemed appropriate.
• The Walk-in intakes on Tuesday and Friday mornings start at 8:00am and end at 10:00am. An intake is required to receive an assessment. These are on a first come first serve basis so please arrive on time or early.
• Children must be accompanied by their legal guardian.
• Bring current Medicaid card(s).
• The intake will take about 45 minutes.
• Upon completion of an intake, you will be eligible for a face to face assessment with a counselor. If time allows, this may occur same day as your intake. Assessments are first come first serve as well, and will take about 1 hour to complete.
• The assessment counselor will ask you questions in order to assist in determining treatment needs. If ongoing treatment is needed, you will be assigned group(s) that are appropriate and a future appointment will be made with an assigned clinician for ongoing services.

Total Health: 3975 Midway Dr Baker City OR 97814