Rules and Expectations for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

  1. I agree to abstain from the use of alcohol and all other mood altering drugs/gambling.
  2. Use of alcohol and/or drugs and/or gambling will result in a review of my case with possible discharge from the program or recommendation for a higher level of care (includes all treatment levels, DUII and MIP). Abstinence is defined as providing urine, oral swabs, breathalyzer and/or other approved tests, free from all non-prescribed, non-facility approved medications, alcohol and all other mood altering drugs.
  3. If Marijuana is a prescribed medication please complete and follow the Medical Marijuana Treatment Agreement and Policy. Consistent with OAR 309-019-0195 DUII treatment cannot begin until abstinence is verified. All positive tests for medications will be considered positive and unauthorized until a prescription or prescription bottle with the individual’s name on it is provided for photocopying by staff. Consistent with ORS 813.200 Medical Marijuana does not qualify as an allowable intoxicant/medication and cannot be used during DUII treatment/diversion.
  4. Use or attempted use of foreign substances or body fluids other than the individual being tested will result in documentation of the event, possible report to referring agency, possible increase in level of care, and/or possible discharge from the program.
  5. I will participate in all sessions and be on time with all required homework/packets completed.
  6. I agree to make up any sessions I miss.
  7. I will contact New Directions Behavioral Health & Wellness at (541) 523-7400 a minimum of one hour before group to inform staff if I am not going to be able to attend.
  8. If I miss a scheduled one-on-one with my counselor, I may be contacted by phone by my counselor and charged for a consult. When possible, I will give 24 hour notice before missing my appointment.
  9. If I am a no-show for any scheduled appointment or group without PRIOR approval I may be held financially responsible for that appointment and my referring agency may be contacted as applicable.
  10. I agree to a breathalyzer test at staff request. If I fail to take the test or refuse I may be asked to leave the building. I understand that this will be treated as a positive result.
  11. I agree to submit a urine/saliva sample at staff request. If I fail to leave a sample or refuse I understand that this will be treated as a positive result. I also understand that a dilute sample is a positive result.
  12. I understand that I am required to call the UA Line every week day and if I am required to test I will provide a UA sample at the outpatient office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM or 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm that same day(8:00 AM and 10:00 AM or 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Friday). Failure to provide a sample will be considered as a positive test result. The UA line phone number is (541) 249-7203.
  13. I understand that any break of confidentiality may result in termination from treatment.
  14. I understand that abusive and/or violent behavior will not be tolerated and will result in my immediate termination.
  15. I understand that three unexcused absences may result in my termination from the program.
  16. I understand that building romantic relationships with other treatment participants is prohibited and could result in my termination from treatment.