"Helping people recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction"

New Directions Northwest provides alcohol and drug treatment to people from all over Oregon. We are located in Baker City and are the largest alcohol and drug treatment provider east of the Cascades. We provide the following programs:

  • Baker House - an adult residential alcohol and drug treatment program.

  • Recovery Village - known also as the Women and Children's Program, provides alcohol and drug treatment to women who live with their children in a residential setting for up to six months.

  • Elkhorn Adolescent Treatment Center - a residential treatment center for youth with serious alcohol and drug problems.

  • Blue Mountain Addictions Program - an outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program serving Baker County.

  • Powder River Alternative Incarceration Program - this nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment program is located inside of the Powder River Correctional Facility. This program has been acknowledged as one of the best "in prison" programs in the country.

Baker City is on I-84, an easy five hour drive from the Portland area and two hours from Boise with daily Greyhound bus service. We are located in a beautiful mountain valley in the heart of the gold mining country of the old west.

NDN Inc. was started in 1968 and has been in operation and growing ever since. With new facilities, state-of-the art evidenced based practices provided by Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors who genuinely care about their clients, New Directions Northwest is a great place to come and learn how to live clean and sober.

New Directions Northwest, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Treatment Provider.
Discrimination is prohibited be Federal Law. Complaints of discrimination may be
filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, Wash. D.C. 20250
All New Directions Programs are Handicap Accessible.

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