Baker House

Baker House was established in 1983  as a Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program for Adults over the age of 18 years old.   Baker House was built in 2008 and provides a nice facility where there can be a comfortable living area while in residential treatment.  We are a 24 bed A&D facility, 12 female beds, 12 male beds.  We also have a single as a mental health respite room for Baker County. Baker House also has two detox beds.  We offer Level III. 2-D clinically managed detox services to individuals as they take their first steps into recovery.

Baker House has two living areas one for the men and one for the women.  Each of the wings have a living room area, bathroom, laundry, and bed rooms.  There are four individuals in each of the rooms, two in detox, and one crisis respite room.  There is a large group room, dining room/open area, kitchen, and professional offices within the building.  The outside grounds are partially fenced in to provide privacy between programs.

We provide 24/7 structured therapeutic community residential facility for 12 men and 12 women with serious alcohol and drug problems. We provide a wonderful residential setting in which to start recovery from chemical dependency, from methamphetamine, opiates, alcohol and other drugs of abuse. Treatment at Baker House is very individualized and client centered.

Staff is very caring and dedicated to the process of helping individuals change their behaviors and learn the skills to be successful when they return to their families and community’s.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist and empower individuals, on their journey of sobriety by providing a safe and supportive environment that treats all people with respect and dignity. Our goal is to change lives one at a time through modeling, educating and supporting individuals on their road to recovery.

Baker House  Philosophy

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease that is progressive that affects all areas of a person’s life and often co-occurs with problems like depression, anxiety and trauma.  It can affect anyone, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic background, or age. Becoming addicted can happen to anyone!   Baker House provides a nonjudgmental approach and is sensitive to the unique needs of individuals recovering from alcohol and drug dependency while at the same time holding individuals accountable in order to effectively make change.  Baker House stresses the changes in thinking and behavior that come from acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s own recovery.  Areas worked on include learning more about alcoholism and addiction, identifying how drinking and using drugs has affected all aspects of life, finding ways to repair some of the damage, discovering ways to remain clean and sober to stop the cycle of addiction, and minimize the future effects it will have on them and their families.

Services Offered

Baker House is a 90 day residential treatment facility. The program involves evidenced based practices with an emphasis on stages of change, motivational enhancement, cognitive behavioral change, relapse prevention planning, and individual, group, and family counseling. We are used to working with individuals with meth problems, co-occurring disorders, and individuals in the criminal justice system.  Many of our individuals are mothers and Fathers whose children are temporarily in the custody of DHS and therefore, we are willing to become a part of that multidisciplinary team.

  • Baker House has certified staff providing drug and alcohol groups daily.
  • Individuals meet with their primary drug and alcohol counselor a minimum of once a week.
  • Groups include Relapse Prevention, Boundaries, and Irrational/Criminal Thinking & Steps to Responsible Thinking, Drug and Alcohol Education, Living in Balance, Independent Living Skills, Men’s Process Groups, Women’s Process groups, DBT, Seeking Safety, Matrix, Assertiveness, Smoking Cessation, Peer Evaluation, Team Building, Art expression with Recovery Skills, and Trauma.
  • Mental health services are also provided on site with ability to offer psychiatric assessment and medication management, individual and family therapy as needed and authorized by CCO/OHP/other payee.
  • In house 12 step meetings

Baker House staff are very committed to providing the best alcohol and drug treatment possible and individualizing each plan for the best outcome of successful recovery. 

Religious Services

We recognize the benefit of our clients in believing in a higher power as a part of successful recovery. Whenever a client has a desire to attend a church service within the community we make every effort to assist them with arrangements.


Baker House is known for providing activities that incorporate learning about life.   This program works hard with each individual to find the inner strength and motivation to make changes for a better life with goals, hopes, and dreams.  Clients are encouraged to go to our local YMCA where they focus on health and wellness and positive activity for leisure time.  Our clients also provide service projects to the community to learn how to give back and to be a part of community living.  If an individual is looking for community service hours we will assist them in finding an opportunity outside of their treatment hours. Baker House encourages healthy leisure activities and provides outings that include; hiking, fishing, camping, shopping,  walking, cooking, picnics in the park, and local community activities etc.   Many of our  activities are built around practicing social skills, budgeting, and effective communication.  The perfect atmosphere for healing and adventures; trips to the mountains and nearby lakes.


"I have struggled in the past, but coming here has showed me a lot of myself both inside and out that I believe will help me upon completing the program.  When people told me that Baker House was the best I can say they were definitely right.  This place was worth coming to."

Winter M.

"I asked specially to go to Baker House and upon coming here I appreciate the staff and the group discussions. I have gotten such strength from the counselors.  I really appreciate the way the program prepares us for routine living and gives us the tools to leave the past in the past and the hope to be able to continue dealing with our day to day issues.  This has truly been a Positive Experience for me."

James C.

Please call for help at 541-523-6581.  For Referrals or Intake, please call 541-523-9016.